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Dispelling Mainstream Myths – Covid-19
By Marvin Pirila

Americans have been whipped into a nervous frenzy over the constant barrage by mainstream media propaganda over an array of topics.  These myths are propagated with one mission in mind, to promote dissent in hopes of swaying an election.  They also feed the aims of socialists wishing to promote their ideals on this free country.

Covid-19 is currently the latest topic to be taken to extremes.  This fact is that the death rate is estimated to be close to that of the seasonal flu which averaged 0.15% over the last nine years.  Yes, 15 people out of 10,000 that contract it will die.  The average years of life lost from Covid-19 death is significantly less than common causes such as accidents and suicides.  The years of life lost over the lifetimes of all Americans who were alive at the outset of 2020 for Covid-19 was 2.9 million years, based on 240,000 lost lives (Currently at 180,000).  In comparison, the flu is responsible for 35.5 million years lost (2.94 million deaths); suicides, 132.1 million lost years (3.7 million deaths); and accidents 408.9 million lost years (13.36 million deaths).


Covid-19 shows little mutation in comparison to influenza and means we should be able to put it in the rear-view mirror in time.  Moreover, roughly 80% of confirmed cases are asymptomatic (shows no or mild symptoms).  Most of the remaining 20% or so recover in one to two weeks.  Those with underlying health conditions are most vulnerable to this easily transmissible disease and account for the bulk of the deaths.


Social distancing and masks prevent hospitals from being overrun and buy time for a vaccine, but in the absence of a vaccine, infection rates will rise when precautionary measures cease.  In the absence of a vaccine, prevention measures hinder herd immunity.  Without a vaccine, catching Covid-19 and recovering is the only way to become immune to it.


The facts on Covid-19 dispels the need to choose between a healthy economy and public safety because both are possible simultaneously…and necessary.  Protect the most vulnerable to every extent you can, but don’t hinder the economic boom we were experiencing. More lost years of life and livelihoods are lost by the loss of jobs and social distancing due to depression and its counterpart, suicide, than is gained by shutdowns.  Minimize Covid-19 deaths while minimizing suicide rates, depression, and anxiety.  A healthy economy and jobs reduce the contributing factors to suicide, poverty, and overall well-being.  Like all issues, root out the facts before basing an opinion on it.


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