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Honoring the pride of the Northland!  We serve to highlight our communities with honest reporting as progress is dependent on facts.  The Northland 

is rich with outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes found in few places around the world.  We respect the need to preserve our environment while 

also allowing for the sustainable incomes and livelihoods of our residents.  Both are needed and possible. . .



(Pictures by John Peyton, late Duluth artist)


Northland Watch:  When you want or need your news fast!  The only place you're going to find the good and bad in your community.

Steel Traps - Illustrations

Newhouse Traps — All Sizes

Mr. Sewell Newhouse
The First Shop
Old Newhouse Trap
A Well Made Trap
Limb Growing Thru Jaws
"Bob Tail" Trap
Defective Pan Bearing
The All Steel
The Modified All Steel
Poor Setting Device
Double Jaw Without Dog
The Duplex
The "No Cross"
German Fox Trap
English Rabbit Trap
Awaiting The Trapper
Wisconsin Trapper, Furs and Traps
Mink, Trapped Under An Old Root
No. 0 Newhouse Trap
No. 1 Newhouse Trap
No. 1 1/2 or Mink Trap
No. 2 or Fox Trap
No. 3 or Otter Trap
No. 4 or Wolf Trap
No. 2 1/2 or Otter Trap With Teeth
No. 3 1/2 or Extra Strong Otter Trap
No. 21 1/2 Without Teeth
Offset Jaw Beaver Trap
Detachable Clutch Trap
Newhouse Special Wolf Trap
Small Bear Trap
Small Bear Trap With Offset Jaws
Standard Bear Trap
Regular Bear Trap With Offset Jaws
Grizzly Bear Trap
Bear Trap Chain Clevis
Steel Trap Setting Clamp
No. 81 or Webbed Jaw Trap
No. 91 or Double Jaw Trap
A Morning Catch of Skunk
No. 1 Victor Trap
No. 4 Victor Trap
No. 1 Oneida Jump
No. 4 Oneida Jump
A "Jump" Trap Trapper
The Tree Trap
Tree Trap Set and Animal Approaching
Animal Killed in Tree Trap
Stop Thief Trap
Method of Setting Stop Thief Trap
Trapper's Cabin and Pack Horses
Trapper Making Bear Set
Washing and Greasing Traps
Putting the Traps in Order
Traps and Trapper
Marked and Ready to Set
The Sliding Pole
A Staple Fastening
Shallow Water Set
Hole Set Before Covering
Another Hole Set Before Covering
Hole Set After Covering
Wrong Position Set
The Three Log Set
Marten Shelf Set
Big Game Set
Ring or Loop Fastening
Caught Within the Limits of Chicago
Fox, Wolf or Coyote Trail
Fox, Wolf or Coyote on the Run
Muskrat Tracks
Mink and Opossum Tracks
Wisconsin Trapper — Knows Where to Set
Profitable Day's Catch
Snowshoeing Over the Trapping Line
Once Over the Line — White Weasel
Caught Just Before a Cold Snap
Bait Stealer — Bird
Northern Trapper With Pack Basket
Some Northern Furs
Nebraska Trapper's One Night Catch
Night's Catch by Colorado Trapper
Both Trappers — Father and Daughter
Part of Connecticut Trapper's Catch
Eastern Trapper's Catch
Caught Where Scent Is Much Used
Young Trappers Discussing Scent
Teaching The Boy Art Of Trapping
Trapper's Home In Colorado
A Few Days' Catch
The Inside of Northern Trapper's Cabin
Coyote Trapping on the Cattle Ranches
Eastern Mink — November Caught
Muskrat House
Wolf Caught at "Bank Set"
Lynx Caught in Steel Trap
Marten Caught in Shelf Set
Shelf Set and Fastening
Squirrel Caught on Stump
Raccoon Caught in Oneida Jump
Red Fox Caught at Dry Land Set
Opossum Caught in No. 1 Newhouse
Black Skunk in No. 1 1/2 Victor
Baited and Caught at Cubby Set
There To Stay-In A Newhouse
Mountain Lion Securely Caught
Beaver, Trap and Trapper
Large Otter Caught in No. 3 Newhouse
Muskrat Caught in Double Jaw
A Morning's Catch of Rats
The Black Water Marsh
Just After the Season Opens
Deep Water Set Trap Fastening
Skinning a Bob Cat
Single and Three Board Stretcher
Some Stretching Patterns
Dakota Trapper's Method
Holder For Skinning
Wire Coon Method
Wire and Twig Coon Method
Size of Stretching Boards
Pole Stretchers
Fleshing Board
Stretching Frame
Skin on Stretcher
Hoop Stretcher
The Home Sha
Strategic Insights - Managing by the Book

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This book shares the experiences of a manager of 30 years who has worked firsthand with employees at every step of the way.  It explains the many ways and processes needed to maximize performance with varying types of people, opposing unions, and boundless bureaucracy.


This manager has always maintained firsthand communication with employees, learning what motivates and demotivates him or her. 


Table of Contents

Trapper Falling Through Ice
Trapper Falling Through Ice


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