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Carlton County

FY 2012 Financial Audit


Carlton County - Matters of Record

-County Commissioner admits to using township equipment
 for his own use and claims he had their permission


-Carlton County Stonewalls Data Requests Again...


-Carlton County Commissioners - Dropping the Ball
 on Animal Rescue


-Carlton County FY 2012 Financial Audit Results:  How
 well are Taxpayer Funds Safeguarded?


-Carlton County Stonewalls Data Requests


-Freedom to Trespass - The debacle of "Carlton County
 Attorney Thom Pertler" 


11/10/12:  Lion News: Dashcam Video - 
Arrest Of Carlton County Attorney Thomas
 'The Drunk' Pertler


10/20/12:  Trespassing in Thomson Township (Esko)
 and the Sham Investigation


10/17/12:  How much Evidence is enough for

 County Attorney Thomas Pertler


10/16/12:  Carlton County Budget Politics


9/30/12: Trespassing Charges Dismissed by 

Carlton County


9/12/12: Carlton County Attorney Thom Pertler
 pleads guilty to DWI


8/28/12:  Thomas Pertler is already back at
 Carlton County


7/20/12:  Carlton County Attorney finally responds
 to Investigation Request


3/13/12:  Carlton County Attorney Thomas Pertler
 should resign


2/20/12:  Trespassing without Consequence


2/13/12:  Minnesota Governments Lack of Transparency
 - with references to its abuse by Thomson Township


12/21/11:  Constitutional challenges to the MN Government
 Data Practices Act, Sovereign Immunity (under guise of other
 immunities), MN DOLI powers, and late 


Admissions -  Thomson Township used the Data Practices 
Act and its limitations to hide information


9/25/09:  A Rehab Project gone Awry (This is why few
 businesses come to Esko)


2009 Budget Reporting Deficiencies

Trespassing Charges Dismissed by Carlton County

Trespassing Charges Dismissed by Carlton County


On my 7/2/12 post you witnessed Thomas Pertler's secretary Annette Johnson blindly defend the actions of Mr. Pertler.  Ms. Johnson claimed the case was done so I tried to retrieve the case files to review what I know to be a complete lack of an investigation.  I was told I would have to meet with the head of personnel instead, Dennis Genereau Jr.  He informed me that the case was open and two county commissioners had inquired about it.  He had initially reviewed the case and felt it was trespassing.  The case was passed onto Pertler and the scandal really began.


The case was given to Jesse Berglund of the county attorney's office, Todd Milosevich, and Russ Rule of the Fond du Lac police department.  Office Rule contacted Marvin Pirila about meeting for an interview.  They agreed on meeting in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  Mr. Rule would reschedule this meeting for the following week and never showed.  The other witness, Gail Francette, was going to meet with him at the same time.


-Officer Rule failed to contact another witness Nick Perfetti or conduct any interviews to our knowledge. 


On September 24, 2012, Jesse D. Berglund, Assistant County Attorney, sent a letter concluding their neglect of duties.


"RE:  Trespass/Harassment Complaint


Dear Mr. Pirila:


I have reviewed the supplemental investigative reports submitted by Fond du Lac Police Department Investigator Russ Rule, regarding your complaints against Mr. John Gulland and Mr. Jeffrey Juntunen.  Upon review, I have determined that there is insufficient evidence of a criminal offense and our office would not be able to prove any crime beyone a reasonable doubt.  This appears to be a matter better resolved through Thomson Township or through civil court.  Due to this our office will not be seeking further investigation of this matter.




 Jesse D. Berglund
 Assistant County Attorney"

 Taken directly from the Attorney page of the Carlton County website:




This Division prosecutes adults charged with felony crimes as well as misdemeanors and gross misdemeanor offenses that occur in the unincorporated areas of the County and other limited areas as defined by statute. [This provision should come with a disclaimer that friends, relatives, and fellow township, municipal, and county employees are immune from criminal charges.]


 What supplemental investigative reports?  Officer Rule simply didn't do any investigative work that I'm aware of.  And civil court, are you kidding me?  Kangaroo court with kangaroo attorneys.  One big circus with no justice to be found anywhere.  Where is the integrity, ethics, morals, and professionalism of our elected officials?  You won't find it in Carlton County, which has more than earned its reputation as a big joke, aka Cartoon County.

 [September 28, 2012 Letter to Jesse Berglund, Carlton County Attorney's Office]


Dear Mr. Berglund,


Pursuant to our conversation on Tuesday, September 25, 2012, I am requesting a copy of all documents related to the trespassing complaint filed by myself against Jeffrey Juntunen and John Gulland in June of 2009.  I would like you to explain in writing what took 27 months and what investigation of any kind took place.  Were you waiting for memories to fade, us to be discouraged, or Tom to sober up?


You said that because this was a misdemeanor charge, you didn’t want to pursue it, particularly before a jury.  It would probably be admitted too with hope of causing as little public attention as possible.  Even if it went to trial, it would likely be won.  Who could possibly argue with the intent of someone making illegal entry to their home?  It’s trespass, pure and simple, with more than ample evidence.  You routinely pursue misdemeanor traffic violations, but can’t find it in yourself to pursue a more worthy trespassing case.  The next time you are arguing a misdemeanor case, I want you to think of the hypocrisy.  This is merely a brotherhood of endless corruption.  You said it would be unlikely that I would be satisfied regardless of the outcome.  You don’t know what would make me satisfied, and much less carry the integrity to complete the duties of your position justly.


I await a prompt response.


Marvin Pirila