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Honoring the pride of the Northland!  We serve to highlight our communities with honest reporting as progress is dependent on facts.  The Northland 

is rich with outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes found in few places around the world.  We respect the need to preserve our environment while 

also allowing for the sustainable incomes and livelihoods of our residents.  Both are needed and possible. . .

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Northland Watch:  When you want or need your news fast!  The only place you're going to find the good and bad in your community.

Barnum MN Seniors

Barnum Area Senior Citizens
3794 Main Street
Barnum, MN 55707
(218) 389-6563


Change of Hearth
Personalized Moving Services for Seniors
PO Box 953
Mahtowa, MN 55707
Toll Free:  1-866-333-6475
Fax:  218-389-9813

Candace Kirkedalen


Lighthouse of Barnum and Cloquet
3722 Horizon Drive
Barnum, MN
(218) 389-3333
(218) 389-0022
Office:  (218) 878-0000
Cell:  (218) 391-0000

Providing Outstanding Assisted Living for Seniors

Helping seniors preserve their independence and age with dignity and grace -- (218) 522-0056

-Assisted Living

-Memory Care

-Short Term/Respite Stay

-Rehab Stay




Part-time assignments for men and women 55 and older with low income.  Serve your community while learning valuable job skills.  Assignments are available at local non-profit and government organizations.  Barnum Schools participate in this special program.  Seniors can apply regardless of employment history or educational level.  --  Central MN Jobs and Training, Cloquet Workforce Center will help you with:


-Skills and interest identification

-Career planning

-Classroom and on-the-job training

-Job clubs

-Job search assistance

-Job retention services

-Support Services


Phone today:  (218) 878-4412 or 679-6487


Millie Coleman is your senior program coordinator.  Call her at (218) 878-4412 or (218) 878-4409 or email her at

Strategic Insights - Managing by the Book

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This book shares the experiences of a manager of 30 years who has worked firsthand with employees at every step of the way.  It explains the many ways and processes needed to maximize performance with varying types of people, opposing unions, and boundless bureaucracy.


This manager has always maintained firsthand communication with employees, learning what motivates and demotivates him or her. 


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