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The United States in Turmoil - The Real Cause

Nearly every problem in society boils down to the lack of strong, effective parenting.  It sounds too simplistic, too wrong to blame societal ills on parents, but an honest look is revealing.  Could it really be that good parenting is the answer to tomorrows problems?


There was once an overwhelming belief in God, the Constitution, the American Dream, and love of country.  Now, people are falling away from the church/God, believe the Constitution is old, the American Dream is lost, and we should feel ashamed of our country.  Society has been programmed for decades to believe what politicians and the media wanted them too.  


First and worst, society let God be removed from view and conversation.  The moral principles of humanity, faith, hope, and love were abandoned in favor of abortion, confusing gender identifications, and unjust judgments of others.  


Second, the media continues to present fake, misleading news to fit a certain narrative, molding their blind followers into dangerous beliefs.  It was weaponized to destroy the honest and elevate the dishonest and immoral.  Just look at the case of Supreme Court Justice Michael Cavanaugh and General Michael Flynn who were attacked unjustly while Hillary Clinton walked from numerous crimes.


While our country isn’t perfect, it is the greatest in the world.  It was arguably greater when it was more Christian based, because without the belief in eternity, what reward is there for morality?  It certainly isn’t seen in many of leaders and politicians today.  Most of them, corrupted by power and money, do what is in their self-interests, doing what’s necessary to increase both.  


Third, many voters are deceived cycle to cycle by mere words, rather than actions.  They prefer a slick, smooth talking salesman to one that talks bluntly.  Many thought President Obama was a great president because they thought he was ‘cool’, but actions beneficial to the country were missing.  Most can’t find a single accomplishment to argue.  President Trump, on the other hand, is seen by many as offensive and vulgar.  He doesn’t follow a teleprompter almost exclusively like his predecessor.  He often talks freely and off-script.  He doesn’t worry about appearances as much as providing results expected from a businessman.  Personally, action is what serves the country in the end, long after the person in charge is gone.  Sure, it would be nice to have action and inspirational/non-divisive speaking together but given a choice between vulgarity/action and scripted fiction/non-action, you would choose the former.


Fourth, rioting, calls to defund the police, and general shaming of Caucasians for sins of the past by some speak to the dangers of generalities.  Calling for justice while committing acts of injustice is hypocrisy.  Police, like any occupation, have some bad apples that need removal.  Actors, politicians, musicians, and athletes deceive the populous by their “I could be George Floyd.”  Why don’t they ever portend to be someone like David Dorn, the retired black police officer killed by looters.  It doesn’t feed the narrative and continues the rage.


Reparations, entitlements, and general handouts are leading to the economic destruction of the country.  Millions of American’s have fought to end injustices here and abroad since our country’s inception.  This country never suffered any more than it did during the Civil War.  There were more casualties from this war than any other in American history.  In all, 620,000 were killed, 476,000 injured, and 400,000 captured or missing.  There was extensive property damage and broken families suffering nationwide.  Everyone paid a dear price.  Now, many are calling for huge reparations some 156 years later.  Yes, racism has and always will exist.  Racism is born from ignorance, and judgment based on skin color is nonsensical.  Other than skin color, comprised of many different shades of white and black, we are the same and equal.  Skin color is determined by the pigment melanin, and its effect is more predominant in sunnier regions and passed on genetically. 


All entitlement programs are precursors to dependency and ultimately socialism.   With socialism, comes the end of freedoms and the American Dream ─ when everyone gets the same, regardless of effort, the reward for hard work is gone.  When you see life through a narrow line of vision you fail to see the whole.  Focusing all your attention on blaming others for your plight or perceived plight, is your reality, but it isn’t necessarily factual.  Life, by its very nature, will erect obstacles in your path, but like many from all walks of life, they can and have been overcome.


How does this all tie to parenting?  Well raised, intelligent, and honest kids become respectable, informed adults.  Their morals and principles will be part of their inner core they bring to the work they do.  They will do their own research before making decisions, rather than leaving their future to ideologues.  They understand that a position of influence and/or power doesn’t guarantee factual, unbiased information.  He or she won’t tie himself or herself to a political entity but to principles. 


They will see clear lines between right and wrong, not succumbing to the allure of gray areas.  For example, that life begins at conception rather than at some made-up point along the pregnancy.  They won’t judge others while doing the same things, realizing that mistakes is standard in life.  Forgiveness is the greatest gift and strength.  Yes, condemn unrighteous behaviors and acts, but leave the judgment of individuals to God.


Parents make this happen by teaching their children accountability, dignity, and respect for self, authority, others, and God.  They hold their teachers and school accountable for teaching them our nations history, economics, and the workings of government.  You cannot properly participate in a government process without due knowledge of how it operates.  Your vote could decide an election and should be taken with grave consideration.  


Hope and faith are instilled by the teachings of God and Jesus, making church/Christianity imperative to a person who will experience many trials in life.  Without a purpose there is no direction, and with no reward (salvation), there is no reason to be virtuous.  Children that experience church/God studies have shown higher rates of adult Christians.


If you raise your children that doing their best is enough, whether it is leading, studying, working, sports, they will succeed.  It’s the lack of effort that results in any of us being less than we were meant to be.  Yes, we may not all experience the same level of success but giving it our full effort ensures we left nothing to chance or regret.


We each become better by investing our time in raising the best children we can.  To change the world we start at home, raising kids to be the future.  When the new generation looks for handouts instead of earning their way, we have failed our children and the country.  Our country now implores for people of all ages to carefully consider their votes, at every level, and elect the best people possible.  Your locally elected people often seek higher roles in government.  If you are going to put them in position to make decisions for you, make sure they will and do.


Our country is burgeoning with debt, budget deficits, government entitlement programs, social movements based on fiction, endless-term representatives/senators, and fake news.  The future is wreaking of socialism, a step away from communism.  The next wave of elected officials, community leaders, teachers, military personnel, etc. are now kids, unaware of the future they carry.  Make it count, one kid to every kid.  They are the change our country needs.  Let them change the sickness that has plagued this country since the 1970’s; political giveaways, public debt, power/influence consolidation, media bias, racial and class warfare.  Our founders overcame their vast differences to form the most incredible government for the people, by the people.  These ‘people’ are the legal Americans who are loyal to God, family, and country.  We have devolved mightily since the Constitution was ratified, but we have overcome before and must again.


There is a primary difference between the patriotic, strong, unified United States and the weak, disjointed one we know experience.  We are now plagued with censorship, political correctness, and entitlements.  Instead of earning their way, many demand reparations for simply being Americans. Get up, work hard, and pursue your American Dream but don’t do it on the backs of others.  The difference is the family unit; whereas people married and stayed together then, they now divorce at a high rate, many multiple times.  When there is a breakup, it is imperative that you continue to raise your children to be honorable and respectable.   A parent, often the dad, cannot disappear or be absent from the child’s life.  When they are, children are shown to have higher rates of teenage pregnancy, incarceration rates, suicides, etc. and lower rates of graduation.  A strong family with strong leadership leads to children capable of making us great again.


What was lost in a generation can be regained in the next.