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Democrats Unmasked - Open Letter to All Democrats

TO:  All Democrats

The treasonous Democrat Party is finally unmasked.  For 2 1/2 years you perpetuated the greatest hoax on the citizens of the U.S. and now your name is permanently etched in the history books for keeping to your conformed, puppet-like party duty.  When one of you says something, the rest of you parrot it like a sick bird.  It's no wonder you and your cronies (including your party bought media - CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc.) were so hell-bent on impeaching Donald Trump.  You just couldn't have your power diluted, your egregious acts against Americans and the Constitution known.  The sheep couldn't know what you had done in the name of keeping your crony powers in place.  Thank God, President Trump got elected and withstood your phony impeachment trials.  What a waste of our (taxpayer) money (Mueller, lawsuits, etc.).  When it was all opened to public view, it showed no evidence of collusion.  None.  You have become so much more than a baby killing Socialist party, you are against the constitution.  You are a criminal organization masking themselves as elitist Democrats.  

You and your clan (Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Obama, Schiff, Booker, Warren, Bloomberg, Holder, Clintons, Lynch, Rice, retired scum bag Harry Reed, Comey, McCabe, Page, Strzok, Rosenstein, Waters, Rice, Brennan, Clapper, Powers,...) epitomize organized crime.  That partial list is the enemy of the country and the chief reason why this country has spent itself into bankruptcy. Still, that isn't enough.  Now, you would keep everyone under lock and key even longer while the economy nears a point of no return.  I'm sure you see it as a great opportunity to win the presidency and plunge the U.S. into your fantasy socialist country, where politicians and Hollywood snakes play God over us minions.  It's not going to happen, namely because no one is going to let you forfeit our 2nd amendment rights as your party advocates.  We will keep them as our last resort against tyranny, on full display by Democrats.  The Founders had it right and knew freedom had to always be protected, even against the threats within our borders -- you and your morally and ethically corrupt associates have shown the greatest threat this country has ever encountered.

I pray Barr and Durham prosecute you to the full extent of the law and many of you go to prison.  Of course it won't include you senators that hide behind immunity, but may you be voted out and forever despised for your secret society aimed at bringing down your own country.  There should be a full waiver of immunity when treason, which this is, is proven.  When your party went so far left, it fell right off the cliff, and into acting fully like a communist party.  Your ideals fall right into line with that of the Chinese and Russian governments.  I'm sure they would love to have you.  Find a country to suit your own ideals, not change ours, the greatest in the world.

Your personal failure to stand up to corruption in your own party disqualifies you from the right to serve in public office.  You do not represent the majority of Americans, nor your own constituency, but your own and that of your party.  Your voice is like those of your party, a regurgitation of the same lines - a parrot - a puppet - a party line conformer.  The truth is that our state and country deserve people of integrity; those that will sacrifice for the better good.  Your party is devoid of common decency, morals, and ethics.  You have built an entitlement society, modeled after your own.   If I was an intern working there, I would take a period of reflection to see exactly what I was supporting -- then run and never look back.

You backed the me-too movement until Biden's name cropped up, then his mere denial was enough. The hypocrisy is astounding.  You certainly weren't interested in Judge Cavanaugh's denial, even though the charges were simply concocted from the get go.  Then again, it wasn't about the truth but instead about ruining the man to keep a conservative from the Supreme Court.  The claim against Biden, on the other hand, seems to have some meat behind it, but you want to kill it without giving it a second thought.  

When the voters want the truth behind the unmasking you pander the same ole political distraction claims.  After your three years of turning hard left, choosing political correctness, safe spaces, and entitlement schemes, you just can't stop yourself from the same worn out tactics.

You claim your stimulus plans are for the benefit of the American people.  If so, why is it about stalling the economy, bankrupting our country, and killing the free market.  You have run wild with the hard earned money of American citizens, focusing on taking care of illegals first, donors first, and yourselves, absolutely first.  I was raised Democrat, but turned in my early twenties because the things you stand for aren't those of a free democratic-republic nation, based on God, the Constitution, and capitalism.

You say you care about American lives, yet you freed felons, created sanctuary cities, porous borders, and entitlements for illegals.  While it is tragic that the pandemic has killed more than 83,000 Americans, they were lost by a virus, not intentional, pro-life agendas that has killed 317,678 unborn babies in the U.S. so far this year ( at 6:54 pm, 5/13/20).

Electing Joe Biden at this pivotal moment in American history would be the ultimate downfall of this country.  All of the blood, injury, and death that was necessary to first gain our freedom and then to keep it would have been for nothing.  The greatest success story of all governments will end and leave no hope for the world.  Your gang loyalty has consistently trumped what is best for the country, seen by the long list of Obama cronies that asked for the unmasking of our loyal, true, and honorable General Flynn.  The audacity of your party to fix an election is treason; to continue your path of lies and deceit for years afterwards was nothing more than an attempted masking of the truth.  You desperately can't have President Trump get re-elected because your lies are only starting to be uncovered.  I understand the blind sheep will vote as they always have and in their ignorance put themselves, their children, and the rest of the country in peril.  Only if they looked and listened they would they see and hear the truth.  Sadly, you and your party run media group thrive on their naivety in hopes of ultimately making them a pawn in your socialist society -- slaves to a bread line and equal pay.

A true American who believes in life (God), the constitution, and our country as originally founded.

Marvin Pirila
Northland Watch (