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Excerpts taken from audio of August 2015 meeting

Excerpts taken from audio of August 2015 meeting


[Raenese] “I had Mike, IP Mike, came in and I was, I asked him, I was having a problem bringing my cameras up on the computer. He had found a WI-FI wire to our network with a separate IP address that ran into a different router. Umm, took down and the router was returned [to Warren Peters] and uh, he wasn’t, it’s not right. He couldn’t figure out. He found the IP address okay. And, could not because it wasn’t in our networking, he couldn’t find a password, at all.


So, I took it down and at that time I was fed up so I had gotten some advice from a friend of mine who does it for a living and I filed a report with Carlton County Police Department. I’m not doing this. Umm, when I talked to the officer he simply said that you know unless there is some, any kind of monetary damage or anything like that, umm, that he feels no law had been broken. I had said if anybody is viewing what is happening in this bar on their private sector without the city’s permission to do this I feel that some law had been broken and he informed me that no but we are making a case file against it, which I did.”


[Warren Peters] “Are you talking about that wireless router that I…”


[Raenese] “There was a separate wire up there –“


[Peters] “Okay”


[Raenese] “It was up there.”


[Peters] “So it was something that someone had put up there.”


[Raenese] “Yes.”


[Peters] “Okay.”


[Raenese] “Yes, so that…”


[Peters] “Because that one was a supervalue and it’s like…”


[Raenese] “Yes that’s why I returned it. When I said that I had returned it, trust me, he was like ‘why would you do that that.’ Because it’s not mine. We were told to return it so we returned it. [Who said to return it?] So, but I did that. Umm, I also called the phone company and they looked at the wiring to make sure that no one was listening in on any sort of listening device that would be in that bar. Because stuff had been repeated to people that should not know nor were they there and it was not a bartender. That’s not cool, at all. That’s you know, people go in there for talking like me and Tom are talking. There’s no way any of that should be repeated to anyone else. My bartenders know that. They, I have talked to all of them, they said no we didn’t do it, which you know they were pretty close for friends, co-workers, and everything else. They wouldn’t have touched it. They have no problem doing that with me. So, they didn’t find anything, and stuff so I’m just trying to get this secured cause this has been ongoing before me. [What has been ongoing?] And, I’m tired of this being dumped to me, and I’m done fighting it. You know.”


[Lisa Lund] “Obviously we have a problem if you’re the second bar manager that’s saying that we have a problem.”


[Raenese] “So, it needs to be done. But like I said, since there is a case number that been filed through the county that was my first step and if I hear anymore or anything I report it to them. They will investigate to the best of their abilities and talk to people.


[Lund] “Can we get a trace on the IP address?”


[Raenese] “We need the router back.”


[Lund] “…to trace the IP address. I think that there has to be a way to trace that IP address.”


[Raenese] “It wasn’t in our network that’s why it doesn’t work with us. It was a different network. As Carlton County refused to pursue the IP address and the culprit responsible, the city council deliberated on whether to pass an ordinance making the private viewing of camera footage from home a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $1,000 and up to 90 days in jail.


So far, nearly six months later, no router was returned, no ordinance has been passed, Carlton County has done nothing, and the culprit remains free of charges.

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