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Honoring the pride of the Northland!  We serve to highlight our communities with honest reporting as progress is dependent on facts.  The Northland 

is rich with outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes found in few places around the world.  We respect the need to preserve our environment while 

also allowing for the sustainable incomes and livelihoods of our residents.  Both are needed and possible. . .



(Pictures by John Peyton, late Duluth artist)


Northland Watch:  When you want or need your news fast!  The only place you're going to find the good and bad in your community.

Johnson Timber Harvesting, Inc.

-Buyer of standing timber and timberland

-Land Clearing & Excavation


Johnson Timber Harvesting, Inc.

6623 Evergreen Lane

Alborn, MN 55702

(218) 345-67202

Alborn Township

Alborn News (Google)


The Clip Joint Bar was bought by Paula Gellatly and renamed Alborn Tavern. 

Alborn Accident Leaves One Dead


November 27, 2014, at 1:40 a.m. -- Three people were injured and one killed in a one vehicle rollover accident on Shipley Road just east of the Highway 7 intersection in Alborn Township.  Two occupants were ejected from the vehicle.  Driver Sherri Spillers was transported to an Essentia Hospital for non life threatening injuries.  Randy Ostman was transported to Essentia Hospital in critical condition.  Derek Ziegler suffered minor injuries.  The deceased 48 year old female is from Shoreview, MN.  The deceased female's name is being withheld until family members are notified.  Alcohol was a contributing factor in the accident with charges pending further investigation by the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office and the MN State Patrol.


The assisting agencies were the MN State Patrol, St. Louis County Rescue Squad, Meadowlands Ambulance, and Alborn First Responders.


Alborn Township is a township in Saint Louis County that had a population of 460 in the 2010 census. Alborn and Prosit are two unincorporated communities within Alborn Township.  The community of Alborn is located 29 miles northwest of Duluth at the junction of Saint Louis County Road 7 and County Road 47.


Alborn township has one church, Bethlehem Church


Cemetery: Spruce Hill Cemetery


Lakes: Crooked Lake, Muskrat Lake, Round Lake, Maple Leaf Lake, Aerie Lake, Artichoke Lake, Eier Lake

Brooke Manor Inc

Brooke Manor, Inc (formerly the Lamb House) is a local Assisted Living Plus Program with 24-hour Customized Living Services


Residency is available based on occupancy and is open to men, women, and couples, at least 55 years of age.


Rooms are now available!


Personal interviews and tours are available by appointment.


Get the full details here....


Call Ginny Tuominen, Administrator/Owner at (218) 590-7322 or (218) 453-5262


Brooke Manor
4878 Highway 31
Brookston, MN 55711