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Honoring the pride of the Northland!  We serve to highlight our communities with honest reporting as progress is dependent on facts.  The Northland 

is rich with outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes found in few places around the world.  We respect the need to preserve our environment while 

also allowing for the sustainable incomes and livelihoods of our residents.  Both are needed and possible.

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Cloquet MN

Latest Cloquet News...

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McDonald Rentals for tools and equipment is closed permanently and will be auctioning off all of their equipment.


May 10, 2018:  School rankings for Northland Area for school year 2016-2017...


May 1, 2018:  Cloquet City Council voted to purchase the Members Cooperative Credit Union building on 14th street.


April 17, 2018:  Members Cooperative Credit Union shares its reasons for a possible move.  Speaking for MCCU, Lara Wilkinson said, "We have a lot of unused space in our current facility, and it isn't beneficial to our members to maintain a building that size, when the member service areas are a much smaller segment of the building footprint. The current building is also located in an area that we've been told isn't especially convenient for a lot of people. We are always keeping our eyes open for opportunities that make sense, and when the property became available on Highway 33, we knew it was a rare find. We purchased the land with the intention of building a facility that is smaller than the current one, and focused on the member service-side of things, rather than on housing back office staff."

She likened the potential new building to their newer locations in Sandstone, Aitkin, and Duluth- BlueStone, Duluth-Miller Hill.  She called them "innovative, striking facilities that operate in a smart-yet-friendly way."

"We are excited and hopeful that things will move forward. Cloquet is a community that's very dear to us, and we can't wait to share our new facility, once it's all done!" Lara added.

April 17, 2018:  City of Cloquet to Discuss Friends of Animals Breach of Agreement


April 17, 2018:  The Cloquet City Council meets to discuss a purchase agreement for the Members Cooperative Credit Union at its May 1st meeting.  The property has been valued at $1,950.000.  The building would be the new location for the Cloquet Police Department and likely the City Hall.

April 16, 2018:  The Northland Watch contacted Members Cooperative Credit Union to see what their plans are if the City of Cloquet purchases their existing building on 14th Street.  Lara Wilkinson, MCCU, replied that "Some time ago, we purchased property out on the west side of Hwy 33, north of the Maurices/Dollar Tree development, to be used for future growth. If the building does sell, we would begin construction of a new location on the aforementioned property, but there would be no interruption to member service. We would continue to operate out of our current facility until construction is complete. The timeline for the new location is still undetermined, based on construction, sale date, and other factors. MCCU is always looking for opportunities to serve our members better, by becoming more convenient and efficient, and creating new opportunities for growth. We felt that a new location on Hwy 33 would provide that."

April 12, 2018:  Northland Watch reached out to representative Matt Lilla, Faribault Division vice president for ALDI.  When asked about the plans for the store and the number of people that would be employed, he responded, “We can confirm that we are working to open a new location in Cloquet in 2019. However, it is still too early in the process to confirm any other details at this time.”

“ALDI streamlines its approach to staffing, creating cost-saving efficiencies that are passed onto customers. Each store employs about 15 to 20 people.

Named to Forbes' list of America's Best Large Employers, ALDI offers wages and benefits that are higher than those of other retailers in the market. Also, part-time staff working at least 25 hours per week receives full health insurance benefits and dental coverage, and all ALDI employees are invited to participate in our 401(k) program. We’re proud that our commitment to our employees makes us an employer of choice.”

April 11, 2018:  The City of Cloquet  reports that discount German grocery chain Aldi is opening a store just west of Perkins on Big Lake Road and anticipate building to begin this spring with an opening planned for the end of December.  See March 20, 2018 minutes of city council discussing the project...


Visit the City nestled along the St. Louis River built around the heritage of logging (Sappi and, USG), but with the newer businesses and shops of the Lumberjack Mall to Walmart corridor.  Just five minutes from town, off I-35 South, you find the Fond du Lac Casino.  Twenty minutes north will bring you into the heart and numerous attractions of Duluth.